Artworks sold by NFTs4Refugees enable NGOs working with refugees financially and help the refugee artist behind the work too.

Each work of art is auctioned for a price on our platform to buyers around the world, as well as attendees of our in-person event in Dubai on October 20th.

Each piece of art will be sold for a hammer price, consisting of a creation fee to the artist, a small processing fee and most funds donated to 1 of the 7 registered charities chosen by the artist.

Each artist will be profiled on the site, with a photo and bio. They will be compensated with an amount achieved in the auction for their work.  

Every buyer can be connected with the artist and the NGO they support.  

Once you win the auction, you will be contacted by a representative of NFTs4Refugees to arrange the shipping process, for the print of NFT, and the securing of all digital files.  

Please approach us with all questions, we are so grateful for your contribution.  

A Big Thank You

InsureAid is a partner of NFTs4Refugees. 

As an expression of gratitude from InsurAid, companies and individuals purchasing art pieces in support of refugees will receive a wall plaque commemorating their contribution to help support humanitarian causes, along with information about the artist and the artwork purchased. 

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Get involved

To get involved, fill in the form and state whether you’d like to spread the message, donate funds, approach corporate and individual donors, or something else. You could do all of the above, of course!