Each piece of art will be sold for a hammer price which will consist of a creation fee to the artist, a small processing fee and most funds donated to 7 registered Charities.

Each artist will be profiled on the site, with a photo and bio. They will provide a creation price for each piece of theirs that’s selected for the auction.

For example, an artist could set £1,000 as a creation price fora particular piece.

We will add £1,000 as a donation amount, for example, to make it £2,000. A £100 processing fee will bring the total starting price to £2,100 (plus any applicable taxes and shipping costs).

All paintings will be available until the closing of the auction on Sat. June 27, 19:00 UK.

A Big Thank You

As an expression of gratitude from InsurAid, companies and individuals purchasing art pieces will receive a wall plaque commemorating their contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 contagion, along with information about the artist and the artwork purchased. This will be delivered within three months of the lifting of movement restrictions.

The online auction is in sync with the “work from home” practice in place across the industry worldwide.

Ultimately it is, of course, for a noble, charitable and socially beneficial cause.

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Get involved

To get involved, fill in the form and state whether you’d like to spread the message, donate funds, approach corporate and individual donors, or something else. You could do all of the above, of course!