William Krasnal

William Krasnal’s (b. 1983, Poland) paintings and drawings are full of colourful contemporary edits of realistic and historical painting. Everything he paints originates from specific situations, events, images and views, from books, from the Internet, from newspapers, from the street and events from 20th century history. Krasnal uses this with iconographic sources, sets of paintings with modern press, colourful magazines and propaganda-marked sightseeing albums from the 1950s, sourced from museum catalogues and film scenes.

He is fascinated by cultural and pop cultural clichés of “masculinity” and “femininity”, but his paintings also show national dots of holiness, obsessions, fears and hopes in his landscapes. The artist is known for his attachment to Polish affairs, and his works are often known with the apotheosis of “familiarity”. He has exhibited works in European cities such as Warsaw, Cracow, Vienna, Leverkusen, Berlin and Antwerp.