Max Jamali

Max Jamali is a Luxury Artist based in Toronto, with an award-winning background in fashion photography, with his art work showcased in Toronto, Miami, L.A. and Dubai.

He’s a mixed-media Artist famous for the use of Luxurious items to create his art. In contrast with other artists, Max’s work focuses on Luxury itself as a medium. Diamond Dust, Exotic Leather, 24K Gold, Genuine Silver, Swarovski Crystals; he uses them all to create pieces that scream opulence.

LOVE, HOPE, DREAM” Luxury Art Series has been created using one of Max’s Kate Moss photorealism designs. The vivid colors covering her eyes with the Love, Hope and Dream writing, symbolizes closing our eyes, taking a moment and focusing on what is important in the world we live in; Loving and cherishing each other at every moment we got, Hoping for the day we can all live in harmony and Dreaming about the most beautiful world we can imagine.

Created with photorealism technique on Gallery Wrapped Canvas, layered with Acrylic, Resin, Diamond Dust and 1,500 hand placed Swarovski Crystals, branded with Max’s “M” logo that symbolizes Luxury, handcrafted from snake skin.

Every piece is created with his “M” logo that symbolizes Luxury, handcrafted from snake skin.

This series was created in collaboration with GN Picture.