Lucas Dupuy

Lucas Dupuy (b. London, 1992) is an artist based in London. Dupuy’s practice explores the relationship between language and dyslexia. He investigates his past experiences with learning to read and write.

Due to dyslexia, Dupuy found that whilst learning to read and write the words would be blurry and jump across the page, he aims to replicate those experiences within his practice. He is interested in how the vulnerability of dyslexia can affect the way you look at language in a broader sense. In a large number of his works he is trying to use abstraction to repurpose the form of language, trying to reconfigure the written word, in a way that is not readable.

Dupuy has been researching Japanese characters which has become an important part of the work. These symbol-based languages are something that resonate heavily with him because he never experiences reading them, they are so far removed from what he understands.