Lenka Rayn H.

Lenka Rayn H. (b. 1975, Prague, Czech Republic) is a London based fine art photographer. She has worked in London, Prague and Zurich for more than 18 years. She works mainly in portraiture and documentary. Her portraiture is strongly inspired by pictorialism and 17th and 18th century paintings.

In her portraits, she draws attention to the expression of the sitter and individual characteristics of the human face. Her projects document the private worlds of her subject such as artists in their studios, pensioners in their homes, her family, everyday memories and ageing of her face among many others. Her main medium is photography but her technique varies from old printing processes, using large format analogue cameras to the latest digital equipment. The reoccurring mood of her work is melancholic, tranquil and often transcendent. Lenka exhibits regularly in London and her work has been selected twice for the annual National Portrait Gallery Photography Prize. One of her works has been recently acquired by St. George’s Hospital Charity as part of their permanent collection.