Anousha Payne

Anousha Payne (b. 1991, Southampton) lives and works in London and graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a BFA in 2014. Mainly working with sculpture and painting, her preferred materials are ceramics, textile, plaster, epoxy and watercolour. Modernist forms echo in the ceramics of Anousha Payne, but an understanding of them as a 20th Century schema is limiting.

Drawing on the totemic and ritualistic figures of religious practice, Payne’s sculptures would appear to detail a shrugging and deflation of attitudes towards faith in secular society. Their innate structures reveal phallic subplots, creases and cracks that are anthropomorphised in their fragile, seated shapes. Recent exhibitions include Disir with Lucy Evetts and Aisha Christensen curated by Kris Day, and Into the Soft with Camilla Reyman in Copenhagen, and a residency at Villa Lena. She has an upcoming solo show at Indigo + Madder in London in June this year and is participating in a group show at Public Gallery.