Art&Co. is the world’s largest online auction to raise funds to help those affected by the coronavirus contagion, run out of London. The auction closed on Sat. June 27, 19:00 UK.

Funds raised will go to 7 frontline organisations and 42 contributing freelance artists. Purchased artwork is a tangible display of your contribution made during this pandemic and helps meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

Individuals and companies are invited to bid and buy one-of-a-kind art representing pertinent themes such as health, nature and spirituality.

Art&Co. is a project by InsurAid, an insurance industry initiative to unconditionally support the uninsurable.

Art&Co. connects the worlds of art, finance and support groups. It links freelance artists affected by the restrictions on movement and public gatherings with the desire among individuals at corporations, to support frontline efforts underway, and help with the immediate and longer term “causal effects” of the coronavirus, including domestic violence, illnesses, isolation and effects on mental health.

Art&Co. is an online auction featuring artwork symbolic of elements reflected upon by all of us, during this time of coronavirus infections. It will comprise lots of 19 paintings, by artists who have been carefully selected on the basis of the high calibre of their portfolio. Artwork themes include community, celebrities, depression, domestic violence, environment, health, mortality, nature, science and spirituality.

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To make Art&Co. more interactive – and make up for the fact that we can’t meet you in person during the event – we would like to offer a unique opportunity to meet our amazing artists once it’s safe to do so and all the restrictions are lifted.

In you are interested in meeting the Talent behind the Art, please register your interest in the box below.

The winners get to have lunch or dinner with one of our fabulous artists!

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During the auction, each art piece will be bid upon, with the highest bidder claiming the artwork at the end of the auction. The higher the hammer price, the more we’re able to collect and donate to charities and non-government organizations (NGOs).

All donations are greatly appreciated. Together, we truly can work towards a better outcome.

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