Art&Co. connects the worlds of art, finance, and support groups. It links freelance artists to support humanitarian causes.

Individuals and companies are invited to bid and buy one-of-a-kind NFTs and physical artworks representing Quantum Art for Refugees by Roman Lipski.

Art&Co. has partnered with NFT4Refugees, to create NFTs powered by a team of tech volunteers in Silicon Valley.

The online auction comprises 15 NFTs and physical artworks, by Roman Lipski who has been selected based on the high calibre of his portfolio by the Schwarz Foundation.

Refugee artists include Hana, Aabreniuk Ouif, Baron Sha’ar, Obaid Yemen, Cederick Diyavova, Youssef.

Art&Co. works with partners in the tech-industry to bring about new forms of TechArt around the world. 

NFT4Refugees is where profitable art meets giving back in the most transparent way. 



NFT4Refugees has collectors purchase offline and online NFTs – digital and elegantly printed versions of a work. In doing so, they empower artists who explore TechArt as an emerging field and support exceptional NGOs working with refugees that the artists have selected. 


With Every Artwork You Purchase, you’ll receive an NFT!

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a token that represents a digital asset. You buy and sell NFTs like you would other collectables. In this case, you own the tokens that represent ownership of the collectables, and you don’t own the collectables themselves.  



During the auction, each art piece will be bid upon, with the highest bidder claiming the artwork at the end of the auction. The higher the hammer price, the more we’re able to collect and donate to charities and non-government organizations (NGOs).

All donations are greatly appreciated. Together, we truly can work towards a better outcome.

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